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I build simple, effective websites & create engaging online experiences.

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My Story

My work in building and designing websites began with the frustration I felt at not having control over my very first website, which was a brochure site for some of my own writing and poetry projects. Paying a designer £30 to simply update a few words of text seemed to me totally unsustainable. I was also in the process of launching a training and coaching website for a freelance career I embarked upon in early 2006 and so began to explore the tools available to create my own websites.

Telling Your Story

Building websites for authors is something I am really passionate about. With the advent of the Internet, many of the barriers to writing and selling books have come down. The traditional gatekeepers of agents, publishing houses and publicists no longer stand so firmly between an author and their opportunity to share their work with the world. With a simple, effective website authors can now find and grow their own readership and attract the backing of publishers, book sellers and voices of influence or, as many successful authors now do, take the much more viable route of self publishing on one of the many print-on-demand publishing platforms.

What I Do

I design and build websites for authors that help them find and grow an audience of readers who are interested in their books. I work with a small portfolio of clients and only work with authors whose work I admire and appreciate. Once I’ve built a website for one of my authors, I create online content (articles, videos, audio podcasts, online courses etc) that helps promote their work to new readers.