My fees are made up of a mixture between hourly rates and project based rates, depending on the requirements of the project I am working on.

Website Design and Build
The costs involved in a website design and build project include:

Hosting (£15 per month, paid annually or monthly)
Domain Name purchase (charged at cost) A .com domain costs around £15/£20 per year and .co.uk around £7/10 per year. Prices include VAT and domain management services – EG renewal and DNS changes etc.
Images/media Charged at cost, e.g. from stock photography libraries or outsources work from graphic designers.

Build Costs 
Depending on the scope and scale of your project, a website build could cost between £800 – £1600 upwards. Most medium sized projects start at £800, smaller 2 or 3 page sites at £350. I tend to charge a set project fee for the Design and Build phase of a project and provide a customised quote for each client.

Content Creation/Ongoing Maintenance 
I will usually work out content creation and ongoing maintenance fees based on an hourly fee of between £40 – £80, depending on the complexity of the tasks and time and skill required to complete them. Ongoing content creation and maintenance contracts are an option also, if you require regular work on a regular basis.

When we discuss your project and your requirements, I can estimate how long each component of work will take and we can work towards a project budget that suits you and your needs and my availability.



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